019 Benin – Kuli Kuli

019 Benin - Kuli Kuli2

Kuli Kuli

Kuli-kuli is a Hausa food that is primarily made from peanuts. It is a popular snack in Nigeria, Benin, northern Cameroon and Ghana. It is often eaten alone or with a mixture of garri, sugar and water popularly called “garri soakings”. It is also eaten with koko, fura, kamu; and is sometimes ground and put into salad. It is often ground as used as an ingredient for Suya and Kilishi


1 cup roasted and salted peanuts
A teaspoon of powder ginger a pinch of  cayenne pepper (optional)
A teaspoon of potash (Kanwan)
1 tablespoon of water Bouillon cube ( powder- optional)
4 cups of Peanut oil for frying
A white kitchen towel


1. Grind or pound the roasted peanuts and ginger until a granular paste (I recommend you make use of a dry mill or mortar.

2. Then put your dough in a white kitchen towel and squeeze out the peanut butter to remove as much oil as possible (this step is very important if you want a crisp Kuli Kuli). The secret to getting a crisp Kuli Kuli is to dehydrate of peanut paste as much as possible by removing excess oil to get a dry powder.  Repeat 12 times this step squeezing out the paste to remove all the oil

3. In a pan, mix your peanut powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper (Cayenne Pepper), bouillon and mix well.

4. Form balls with the dough and using the two palms of both hands roll the balls to form cigarettes or just round ball.

5. Heat the peanut oil , including the oil collected from your peanut paste, add potash (Kanwan) in oil and fry your Kuli Kuli to obtain a brown golden color.

Tip: If your Kuli Kuli comes out soft Do not panic, Heat the oven at medium temperature for 10 minutes and place your Kuli Kuli  in to remove the excess moisture and cool down!

Original recipe found here:


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