001 – Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

Recipe by Marty Made It


1/4 cup  Nutiva Red Palm Oil

1 cup Large Yellow Popcorn

1/2 teaspoon Flavacol

3-5 tablespoons Ghee (clarified butter) (optional and to taste)


Add the Red Palm Oil to a large pot on medium high heat.

When the oil has melted place three kernels of popcorn in the pot.

Meanwhile place the Ghee (clarified butter), if using, in a microwave safe container, such as a measuring cup and microwave until melted.

Once 1-2 kernels pop add the rest of the popcorn to the pot and place the lid on.

Keep the pot moving in a circular fashion until popcorn has completely popped.

Empty pot of popcorn into large bowl.

Drizzle Ghee (clarified butter) onto popcorn and shake until thoroughly mixed.

Taste for salt and add Flavacol/salt as desired and enjoy.

Home Chef’s Note:

All of these ingredients I have found at my local grocery store with the exception of the Flavacol. So check your local store first where you will get the best price.

If your thinking of substituting butter for the ghee consider this. Butter has milk solids and extra water in it. Butter, when melted and put on popcorn, will give you the mouth feel of wet tissue paper.  Ghee will give you outstanding butter flavor (it is real butter) without compromising your popcorns texture.


Special thanks to my family for contributing their voices and time helping me with this production, it is greatly appreciated.


Author: martymadeitproductions

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