099 Lithuania – Cepelinai

099 Lithuania - Cepelinai


If someone makes Cepelinai for you they REALLY REALLY love you! I call this an 18 step program for firming up your forearms. These glutinous footballs with a pork surprise inside are covered in a luxurious sour cream, onion and bacon sauce and are delicious and filling. I wish I had taken more time to to style these cepelinai for the camera. The truth is I just wanted to be done with this recipe it was so much work. Next time (if there is a next time) I will recruit help.

I unfortunately cannot share the this recipe for Cepelinai due to copyright.



Author: martymadeitproductions

A Home Chef's Journey

2 thoughts

  1. I have removed your recipe from my website. I meant no harm. I have no sponsors and I get no money for my website. I did not know that this was illegal. I am sorry. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I am challenging myself by cooking a dish from every country in the world. My apologies.


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